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Dreamin' It Up Since 1987!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

These last few weeks have been crazy. Ryan and I have basically been living two separate lives, one in the Denver area and one on the Western-slope. Every time we think we took care of everything in one part of town we are getting pulled back to the other to interview, re-look at a house – ugh we are exhausted, the girls are too, and I am pretty sure so are the dogs.

BUT, it has all been worth it. Yesterday we got fantastic news! The owner of the house that we want to buy in Montrose is reconsidering our offer. We met the listing agent to do a walk of the property to make sure we understood what land would be ours and what land would not be ours. Whelp!! Turns out the seller is very fond of the fact that we are a family looking to raise our kids there. He is an elderly man who grew up on this farm decades ago with an apparent deep connection to the property. So TODAY our lender is calling the seller to clarify a few things about our credit etc. and then we are providing a few financial reassurance pieces and HOPEFULLY Friday or Saturday we will know if the house is going to be ours. Things are looking perfect for us. Thank you for all the blessing and well wishes, please keep them coming😊.

Another great thing about meeting the listing agent was that he had a ton of useful tips on how we can profit from the land while we work to secure more money to farm the entire 40 acres. I guess a lot of folks lease their land and it generally covers property taxes and water expenses, which is not much. Though not monetary, the people who rent the land help regenerate the soil, and that leads to reduced prep work and cost to us when we are finally able to grow on all 40 acres. This is something we will now consider.

Any time a revenue opportunity presents itself or a dream idea for what we could do with the land or in life, I add it to our dream board. There are currently 40 ideas on our dream board. Some of our dreams are as simple as making an app that furthers our fundamental mission and values, others are as big as having a reality TV show. These dreams are very different in scale, but that has no bearing on their significance.

I use to have ideas all the time – Been dreamin’ them up since 1987! But I never wrote them down. I never wrote them down because I thought they were silly and unattainable. I let go of my dreams because I didn’t believe in myself or my ability to achieve them - I mean look what I just wrote - A REALITY TV SHOW???? The funny thing is, now that I am living my dreams when I see REALITY TV SHOW - my thought isn’t “I can’t do that” my thought is “what impact would that have on my marriage and do I really want to do that?” The self-doubt is gone. Sure I can succumb to a bad day here and there and am the queen of beating myself up, but I do not and will not ever limit myself or my dreams EVER again.

I write down every single one of my dreams now, regardless of their significance.

Write down your dreams.

Be Kind. Be Positive.

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