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Things in Threes

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

What a wild ride this week has been. I received an offer of employment at Volunteers of America in Montrose 😊. My drive is 11 minutes from the house we are hoping to buy, AND that is only if I have to go into the office. Most days, I will be out and about in the community building relationships, which is my dream job. I am very honored and humbled to be a part of this new team, and I cannot wait to learn and grow in this new role.

Other great news, we got an offer on our house... Only Ryan and I accepted it without painting the full picture, and we may or may not be homeless for a few weeks. It is tough to find a temporary rental in a low populated area that will allow for five people, three dogs, and two cats. More than having to find a place to shack up for a few weeks is cost. It is expensive to have to store your stuff for three weeks – more to come, I guess.

We still haven’t heard on the house yet and whether or not they will accept our re-offer. Life is in limbo, and I think everyone, even the girls, is feeling the effects of it all. I tried my best to hold off on posting this week hoping to be able to share that good news, so sorry it didn’t work out!

I do want to prep everyone for a fantastic blog next week, just know it is Ryan’s birthday, and we want to do something special in honor of, stay tuned!


You know the expression bad things happen in threes? Well, I was thinking about that a lot last week. Mostly because when we were in Montrose, our dogs ate an $80 glass bottle of Lady’s CBD medicine. The bottle was cracked, and we didn’t know who ate what or if any of them consumed shards of glass. Thankfully this is not our first rodeo with that, Maybee or middle pup ate an entire chicken carcass once. I PetMD’d some solutions because cooked bones are hazardous for dogs, and I also knew unless she was pooping or throwing up blood, there was NO WAY Ryan was going to take her to the vet. Joking aside, I learned that feeding them soft food like mashed potatoes and bread can help pass anything that may get caught in their throats or puncture their stomachs. Which is why when we discovered they’d likely eaten some glass, Ryan ran into the grocery store and bought them some freshly baked bread. Spoiled Rotten Brats!!! We prayed hard over the next 48 hours that none of them would die!

Luckily we survived, but I thought to myself, what are the next two things going to be because bad things happen in threes right? Well, I didn’t care much to find out, so as we were driving, I decided that is not my philosophy anymore. Instead, I am going to believe that good things happen in threes. I call this flipping the script - basically, I try to turn unfavorable events into learning opportunities or favorable circumstances through perspective. Perspective and attitude are everything, mostly because you can control them yet, we often fail to. In our family, we say “reset” a lot. That is code for releasing all the ugly yucky feelings and starting fresh and positive. It has taken Ryan quite some time to join the girls and me in on the “reset,” but now he too can calm down and refocus much quicker than life without the “reset.”

Long story short, I told myself that good things happen in threes, and that is what I believe now. Reminder – I was offered the job in Montrose, we got an offer on our house, and….. (I am hoping the third good thing is our farm).

Be Kind. Be Positive.

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