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Crowdfunding for a Cause: Pursuing Our Dream Farm


In light of posting all things inspired by Taylor Swift's this month!

In honor of her fearless pursuit of dreams, this blog post hopes to shed light on the concept of crowdfunding for a cause and our personal pursuit of our farm dream. Similar to musicians seeking funds to create an album, my husband and I aspire to start our dream farm via crowdfunding. While there are government programs available, they often involve complex application processes and intense competition. As individuals juggling full-time jobs, raising children, and pursuing a life in agriculture, finding the time and resources to navigate these programs is challenging.

Also, navigating the bureaucratic red tape associated with USDA loans and grants can be overwhelming. The government often burdens applicants with intricate paperwork, making the process discouragingly complex. I draw parallels between this experience and my work in healthcare, specifically assisting seniors with Medicare enrollment. The arduous nature of the application serves as a deterrent, causing eligible individuals to forgo applying altogether. It becomes apparent that these barriers, consciously or unconsciously, limit access to resources and favor a select few.

Thus, we have turned to crowdfunding as a means to realize our aspirations.

The Importance of Acting:

Reflecting on our own experiences and the struggles faced by others, it is evident that fear and perceived burdens prevent many from taking action to change their lives. Witnessing loved ones languish in unfulfilling circumstances reinforces the urgency to act. It is crucial to realize that the belief that change is unattainable or overwhelming is often unfounded. By reaching out to our community and crowdfunding for a cause, we aim to shatter these barriers and create opportunities for ourselves and future generations.

Empowering Through Crowdfunding:

Instead of relying on banks or the federal government, we have chosen to turn to our family, friends, and community for support. Crowdfunding allows us to rally people around our dream farm, providing them with an opportunity to contribute and be part of our journey. It is an empowering way to bypass traditional funding avenues and foster a sense of shared purpose and support.

The Power of Trying:

In the face of skeptics and naysayers, it is important to persevere and ignore the voices that discourage our dreams. Like Taylor Swift, who faced doubters on her path to success, we refuse to let negativity define us. Even if our crowdfunding campaign does not meet its goals, we will be proud of ourselves for trying. The act of trying is often overlooked, yet it is the first step towards transforming our lives and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Embracing Vulnerability and Asking:

Amanda Palmer's book, "The Art of Asking," highlights our tendency to shy away from asking the world for what we truly desire. Recognizing that our dreams surpass our current financial means, we have chosen to hustle and take risks. Through our crowdfunding for a cause campaign, we invite friends, family, fellow Swifties, and our community to participate actively in making our dream farm a reality. We acknowledge the vulnerability that comes with asking for support and aim to inspire others to embrace their own vulnerability and pursue their aspirations.


Crowdfunding for a cause is an avenue that empowers individuals to overcome traditional funding obstacles and pursue their dreams. By sharing our journey and seeking support from our community, we aim to break free from the limitations imposed by bureaucracy and inspire others to do the same. Remember, the value of time is immeasurable, and investing it wisely in the pursuit of our dreams is a gift to ourselves. Let us join hands and support one another in creating a future where dreams are realized and lives are lived with purpose and joy.

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