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Giving up One Dream for Another: A Journey with Taylor Swift

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I love Taylor Swift and have been a fan since 2006. I was the literal definition of "When You Think Tim McGraw" …. My boyfriend and I, at the time of that song being released had tickets to Tim McGraw and this is also when Sky Diving by Tim McGraw was number one on the radio and it just started down pouring in an outdoor stadium. It was all quite magical as young love is. However, we broke up that summer, I think it was that summer at least… and well YES, I can assure that every time Tim McGraw comes on his radio he thinks of me.

Two years later in 2008 I would meet my now husband, and this also happens to be when Fearless came out which includes the song "You Belong With Me". We were both in other relationships… but I daydreamed about my husband from the second I met him. I remember calling my college roommate because I was 2 years into my then relationship, and I was like UMMM I have a problem... well two... 1: I am in love with my husband and 2: he is three years younger than me. Which doesn’t matter now but we were babies when we met Ryan (my husband) was 17 and I was 20 – so high school and college, not the best image.

Then in 2010 Sparks Fly came out and boy did they. 2010 is when my husband and I began dating and I would run every night to the actual track "Sparks Fly", which is exactly why my answer to every quiz question to get into all the Taylor Swift private Groups is "Sparks Fly: Get me with those green eyes, baby." My husband has green eyes if you couldn’t guess.

I have never seen Taylor Swift live and I had zero intentions of not going to her concert when I received tickets that are now selling for $3k+ each but life never asked me what I wanted.

About a year ago, Financial challenges brought to light the complacency of owning land without being able to fully utilize it. Selling the farm to developers is not an option, and so we’ve decided to not give up on our daydream of turning this farm into the agricultural empire of our dreams.

In a bold move, my husband and I decided to put my dream of attending Taylor Swift's concert on hold and we’ve organized this online contest, where the lucky winner will receive my two tickets (Sec 105 Row 35 Seats 11&12).

This contest serves a dual purpose—allowing another Taylor Swift fan to experience the night of their life while helping us kickstart funding for our family farm 🖤.

The Transformative Power of Taylor Swift:

My husband initially struggled to understand my decision for parting with my tickets, but he became a fan himself after Taylor's NPR Tiny Desk performance during the release of "Lover." He also witnessed how Taylor's music provided solace during the darkest moments of my life—from navigating the challenges of parenting during a pandemic to breaking free from toxic situations. Songs like "Marjorie" and "This Is Me Trying" resonated deeply with my journey of personal growth and transformation.

As I embark on this new chapter of pursuing my dream of turning our family farm into an agritourism destination, I temporarily set aside my dream of seeing Taylor Swift live. Through the online contest, I hope to give another fan the opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Taylor Swift's music will forever be intertwined with my life, serving as a constant reminder of love, dreams, and personal evolution. XOXO

P.S. My underlying hope is that this contest will go viral and we can convince Taylor to come do a small show on our property and we can invite all the entrants who don't win and were stung by the system that is life, #FUTicketmaster

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