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46 Days

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

We left off our story with us still living in the hotel and the hope of only having to stay for a few days. Yet, life, as we have learned time and time again, had a different plan.

46 days later we moved into our beautiful 40-acre property in Montrose, Colorado! After 46 days of living without a permanent address, 46 days of second-guessing our ability to make positive decisions and provide for our children, 46 days of arguing, 46 days of crying, 46 days without regular sleep, and 46 days of watching our children become emotionally unstable.

Those 46 days were the hardest to date. Ryan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in an RV arguing and questioning if our marriage was strong enough for what we were going through. We picked fights with each other and said words we’d wished we hadn’t. But you live, and you learn. We learned a lot those 46 days about who we were and what we could handle, and we came out better stronger people because of our experience; AND because we made a concessions decision to focus of the kindness of strangers rather than misery of our circumstances. Two people who didn’t even know us opened their home to our family for 46 days. A single act of kindness that allowed Ryan and I to put a roof over our 4month old, 21 month old, and three year old for 46 days.

Their kindness and generosity was the lesson we apparently needed, and I guess God/source energy/or whatever you choose to call it, decided it would take us 46 days to learn. We now have a new lens on life.

When we brought the blog back after our sabbatical, I thought that each of those 46 days deserved its own blog, and honestly, they do. But I made the decision, to sum-up our experience for two reasons 1. I didn’t want to give the negative people and experiences that contributed to the 46 days any more time or energy. 2. I want to be as open and honest about the highs and lows of my family’s journey to inspire others, but these were terribly personal days, and they deserve to stay that way.

Now that we are to the present day, I look forward to sharing some of the plans Ryan, and I have for our agriculture empire! Some things already are underway ☺.

Be Kind. Be Positive.

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