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Meet Tuna!

A.K.A. Petunia!

Two and three-year-olds have a hard time with words, which is exactly why our new addition to the family, baby KuneKune piglet Petunia, is now being dubbed Ms. Tuna!!!

If you have not already started following my husband or me on Instagram or our Gerken's Organics Facebook page, then I encourage you to do so NOW. cuteness overload will be all there is once baby Petunia comes home this Sunday.

@gerkens_organics @gerkenfarmfamily @gerkensorganics

Petunia is step one on a list of many for the farm & No; she will not become bacon - EVER!

Ryan and I are excited things are moving along...Though that business plan still haunts us every day! Honestly, we have barely started but the content is being generated and notes are being taken and our direction seems clearer and clearer each day we talk.

Right now Ryan is working on our licensing for hemp and purchasing enough seeds for us to grow five acres summer 2020. We are also looking at getting our organic certification prior to planting AND that requires an entirely separate business plan-ish YAY! I'm only kidding, it is truly a blessing to get to chip away at this monstrous adventure little by little. I actually really enjoy hard work and I really enjoy working with my husband.

We preach preach preach organic so it will be really exciting if we can make that happen. Our land, due to being vacant for the past ten years, allows us to farm organically from the get-go. Typically there is a three year transition period before you can claim "organic" so that the pesticides and yuckiness can be filtered from the land. Being certified organic won't just prove beneficial for our five acres of hemp but we also plan to farm a few acres of vegetables for ourselves and our farm stand/farmers market/ cottage foods endeavors we plan to also embark on next planting and harvest season.

A few more things are in the works. I would say check-in next week to find out but really, check-in next to see more pictures of baby piglet Petunia!

This was a fun blog post to write! Life is good - namaste!

Be Kind. Be Positive.

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