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Moving In A Positive Direction

Our new house is a tincey wincey bit more expensive than our old home in Denver. For that reason, we made a few changes to our lifestyle to try and offset the costs. For example, we don’t really eat out, we don’t make a bunch of different foods with our meals so then our groceries will last longer (this also helps free up the dollars to purchase healthier and organic foods), and we don’t have cable.

The latter of the three has proven to be quite the treat! Not having tv keeps us from getting sucked into all the awful things going on in the world. The news, when I see flashes here and there, is UTTERLY depressing. Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, the news is an all-around time suck and positivity thief. I am thankful that it is no longer sucking time from our lives, interfering with our plans, and, most importantly, our future. Being well informed is great, but too much distraction can keep us from accomplishing what we are meant to accomplish.

In our case, we are doing that hippie-dippie s*%t ♥︎ trying to make the world a better place for future generations. We are making strides, and it feels sooooooo good! Ryan’s found several varieties of seeds and purchased them; the business plan is in process and already helping us to make better business decisions, And we are now ready to share some of our initial goals for our business ☺️.

Year 1, we plan to farm 5 acres of organic hemp and 1 acre of organic rotating vegetables. Most of the organic hemp we grow will be sold wholesale, but a portion will be kept, and we will extract our own organic full-spectrum CBD in various ways to begin building our product line for A Girl & Her Dog. A Girl & Her Dog products will have minimal ingredients that are made organically, sustainably, and most importantly – with ingredients that you can pronounce, inspired by our three beautiful babies♥︎!

In year 1, we also plan to start a cottage food farmer’s market business to both sell the rotating

vegetables and bring awareness to our product line/business. AND we have not quite determined if this would be year 1 or 2, but during one of the first few years of our business, we will farm 1 acre of unknowns… hemp maybe vegetables and this will be called Nonprofit Gardens. Everything grown in the garden or earned in revenue from this garden will be directed to local causes, local need, local entrepreneurs trying to make their dreams come true – AND that is super exciting. Our morals and ethics get tested daily as we connect with others in our industry.

Not everyone’s values align with ours, in fact, most don’t. Most people in the hemp/cannabis industry are out trying to monopolize their product, control consumers buying power, manipulate, and/or even outright lie about the quality and contents of their product. It can be discouraging if you let it – but we don’t let it!

Anyway I brought up the beauty in not having access to TV because if we allowed ourselves to get sucked into that hatred and anger, we wouldn’t have been able to drive forward the things we shared with you all today. This business, our agriculture empire, is our voice and our way of promoting kindness, positivity, and it represents action and dedication to our overall want, which is to nurture nature so our girls have the opportunity in this same beautiful world we do.

Be Kind. Be Positive.

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