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Save the BEES: Honor Mother Nature on Mother’s Day!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

One of the many things we are excited about doing on our farm is raising honey bees! Local CBD honey AKA hemp honey is thought to help with many alignments like allergies, colds, and flu, etc. AND it sure does taste good; very sweet but very natural and we like that in our family! CBD honey can also be a more affordable option for helping your fur babies out with things like SEIZURES (like our lady bear) inflammation, memory, kennel cough and so much more. Our blog about CBD being the bee’s knees is incredibly accurate, in our opinion☺.

Anyway, hemp isn’t the only reason why we want to produce CBD honey; bee decline is a real thing and more important to your community and planet than you may know. Agriculture is a huge reason for the decline because of harsh pesticides used to preserve and protect crops, but turns out those hard pesticides are not only bad for bees; they are bad for you too! Now that we know this, it is time to do better by bees, by our planet, and by our families. Farm organic and shop organic/natural when and where you can. Plus do you really want to buy crops covered in pesticides?

My call to action this week is if you can, buy some save the bees flower mix and plant it on mother’s day in honor of Mother Nature! That is what we will be doing with our girls. Giving back to your planet feels good and teaches your children respect for the world around them. It also helps them understand how all things on our earth are connected – we love Mother Nature! If you don’t have time or space to plant, maybe donate to the bee conservancy effort - just click the Save The Bees FLOWER MIX below.

Again doing these things with your kids especially, is super rewarding. We love dogs in our family, that is why we have too many! And every year around the holidays we go shopping for the local animal shelter. We buy things like paper towels, dawn soap, TREATS of course, and more. We package it up all pretty and drop it off – our kids have fun, and a good lesson learned through the process for ALL of us!

Bee Kind. Bee Positive.


This week:

We are on our way back to Montrose this weekend with a fun-filled schedule of looking at houses, job interviews, and a hemp conference. Preparing for this weekend is basically all we did this week, busy but fun ☺.

Next Week:

Ryan and I want to sit down and thoughtfully plan out these next few months to see what they might look like. We want to be sure we are putting the girls first and farm second. We also want to make sure we are realistic and kind to ourselves. I have felt so underwater with graduating, my two jobs, new baby and starting another program at Regis that I honestly don’t know how this blog happened – but it did an I am grateful and proud!

We are also looking to reach out to a few people who might want to invest in our Hemp and Hops farm.

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