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As my husband and I sit next to each other on the couch, we ask ourselves how we have gotten where we are? Acknowledging that it is not even where we want to be, but so incredibly closer to where we see ourselves then we have ever dreamed of being before. We laugh because we know how we got here, we just didn't realize what we were doing while we were doing it.

Cuddling on the couch, something must have reminded me of our old home because I said to Ryan, "do you remember leaving our old house?" Everything happened so quick. Looking back I can appreciate the quickness of it all because it helped alleviate some of the fear and sadness that comes with closing a chapter of your life and opening a new one. And then I thought to myself how did we do it?

We decided in April to start the blog, by the end of June, we were making an offer on a 40-acre farm and now we are drawing up business plans and strategizing how to market our vision in ways I never thought possible. We reflected on our many nights in hotels and the month and a half we spent living in an RV with little hope, lots of guilt, lots of fear and blame for putting our entire family at risk. Ultimately though, hope won and here we are, in our home, on our farm, with healthy beautiful babies, dogs, cats, and a pig.

It was then that I realized we had done this once before... I had completely overlooked that Ryan and I had done something eerily similar just eight years ago. In April of 2012 (ironically enough) we made the decision to pack everything up, sell what we could for extra cash, traded in our car and hit the road for Denver - a city neither of us knew.

I can't say for certain what it is that Ryan and I have cultivated in our relationship that gives us the strength to trust that everything will work out, we are lucky and we know that. Whatever it is, it has allowed us to drive our dreams straight to fruition.

Not once but TWICE, we have literally put our everything on the line for a better life. Trusting in that higher power and it has paid us back times a million.

I hope to inspire others to do the same ♥︎.

Be Kind. Be Positive.

Farm Update

  • We have scheduled an appointment with the USDA to work on our organic certification

  • Our sitter starts this week so we will have two hours two times a week to drive this business forward - AMEN!

  • AND we decided once we do build ou dream barn on our property we are going to host an event each winter "Grinchmas". Ryan will dress up as the Grinch and we will read Dr. Seus' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - a holiday favorite book and movie (all versions) in our house ♥︎.

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