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Billy Elliot Dublado Torrent --> DOWNLOAD

.tifQ: why does php accept this variable value? $time = getdate(); $date = "$time"; echo $date; // $date = format: Mon Dec 29 00:00:00 2007 I checked php's variable type for $date. it's string and not integer type. i want to convert this string to integer type. so i used the code below: $date_int = intval($date); echo $date_int; //$date_int is equal to int(Mon Dec 29 00:00:00 2007) why $date_int = 0? does it mean i can't convert string to integer? or is there any other way to convert it to integer type? A: What you are seeing in that code is that you are making a new variable called $date_int. To change a value from string to integer type, use this: $date_int = (int) $date; echo $date_int; What’s Up With Jeff Wolfman? For those who’ve been following along, I’m going to attempt to keep this brief. In June, I learned from a friend that Jeff Wolfman, the man who has been acting like a spoiled child on Reddit and Twitter, was buying up the domain names of many of the people he’d been antagonizing. He was trying to get the domain names taken down, or at least threatened legal action against us. Now, it looks like he’s moved on to the next target. First, a quick explanation of some of the things that have been going on. In March, I started a thread called “Five Questions About Code for Ethics.” The goal was to help the people who were confused and wondering what, exactly, was the big deal about this. Now, much more than ever, I think we need a discussion about ethics and what that means for code. Jeff Wolfman started a thread on Reddit, and all but one of the four moderators shut it down. On Twitter, he’s been threatening to sue one of the moderators, and accusing a woman who also moderates a code forum of being a “Kryptonite goat in a pro-Hillary shirt.” Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t valid ethical questions to


Billy Elliot Dublado Torrent

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